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Breakfast included
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  • Promotion valid for reservations made up to 15 days in advance of check in
  • Get the best rate by planning your purchase
  • Included breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi internet and full leisure area
  • Cancellation without charge up to 48 hours before check in
  • 1 child courtesy of up to 6 years old per apartment

OUR COURSES OFFERED Breakfast (served in the restaurant), 01 parking space per apartment (see availability), 01 children up to 07 years in the parents' apartment is complimentary (check the apartment format), gym and wireless internet. CHECK INN time: 12.00 AM Check out time: 12.00 AM EARLY CHECK IN If an early entry is required, it can be released by prior negotiation and availability, where the following fees will be charged:  Between 06.00 and 12.00, the amount will be charged of the current DAY USE tariff.  For tickets prior to 06:00 a full daily rate will be charged at the same rate as the reservation rate. LATE CHECK OUT If there is a need to extend the time of departure, it can be released by prior negotiation and availability, where the following fees will be charged:  Between 12.00 and 18.00, the current DAY USE fee will be charged.  For departures after 6:00 pm will be charged an entire night in the same amount of the reservation rate. CANCELLATION OF RESERVATIONS The cancellation is possible, from 03 situations: 1) Low Season periods: The cancellation can be carried out without charge, with up to 24 hours in advance to the date of the guest's entry. Outside this period, they will be subject to the charge of the first reserved daily. 2) High Season: Cancellation can be made without charge, up to 72 hours in advance of the guest's arrival date. Outside of this period they will be subject to the collection of any reserved period. 3) Special Periods (Major events in the city):  Up to 90 days before check in - 50% fine on the total amount paid for the lodging;  90 to 60 days prior to check-in - 70% fine on the total amount paid for the lodging;  60 to 30 days before check in - 80% fine on the total amount paid for the lodging; and  Before 30 days from the date of check in - a fine of 100% of the total amount paid for the lodging. PLEASE NOTE: The amount paid in advance as a guarantee of the reservation will not be refunded and can not be used as a credit in the future.  The reservation should be informed at the time of booking what the situation above the reservation period is. The cancellation policy and guarantees may change according to hotel occupancy. That way the status changes from low season to high season, or from high season to special period. In these cases the hotel will contact the reservationer to communicate it. The conditions mentioned above do not apply to HOST GROUPS (requests higher than 5 apartments in the same period). ABOUT THE SHOW The guaranteed reservations will be kept until the day after the scheduled check-in date (until 12.00), and we have different policies in 03 possible situations:
1) Low periods: If the guest does not show up until the other day, it will be charged at the show equivalent to the one (1) day rate of each apartment booked. 2) High Season Periods and Special Periods (City Events, Allianz Games, Show, etc): If the guest does not show up until the other day, No Show equivalent to the booked period will be charged. Reservations without guarantee of No Show will be automatically canceled after 18h of the date of check in. In case the check-in is after 6pm, kindly send us payment guarantee. PLEASE NOTE: In periods of high occupancy or special periods, reservations without "No Show Warranty" are not accepted. Note: For reservations guaranteed by credit card, we will inform you on the date the reservation is completed, pre-authorization will be made on the card informed: total of the daily rates in high season and special periods and the 1st daily (with rates) and average season. In this case the balance of the client's pre-authorization will be blocked at the disposal of the hotel to guarantee the reservation. If you want to secure your reservation by credit card, please fill out the form sent in the body of the email and send us again. If the card details provided by the customer are invalid or unauthorized, the reservation will be canceled. The show can also be guaranteed by bank deposit, where this must be done 05 days in advance of the date of check-in. Data for deposits: Banco do Brasil No. 001 Agency 4206-4, Current Account 1011-1 and send the receipt by email at or via fax at (11) 2125-1891.

HIGH SEASON In high season periods and / or special periods (events in the city, Allianz Games, Show, etc): the amount of the lodging can be paid in 2 ways:  Deposit in advance the total amount (100%) of the lodging extra if applicable) or credit card number for pre-payment of the total amount (100%) of the lodging. ACCOMMODATION OF CHILDREN  The second child in the same apartment shall be charged the current rate for "Additional Person".  Above 07 years is considered adult, and should be charged as double occupancy for all types of existing apartments. ATTENTION: Several requests (crib, double bed, etc) will be answered according to availability of the hotel. ACCOMMODATION OF MINORS  According to the Statute of the child and adolescent, all means of accommodation are required to keep identification card of the children and adolescents who stay in them, attaching a copy of the legal documentation that proves in fact that they are accompanied parent or legal representative. ATTENTION: RG, Birth Certificate or written authorization with notarized signature. VISITOR CONTROL  For security reasons and according to our procedures, visitors are not allowed in the apartments, these visits can be received in the hotel's social area, Lobby, Restaurants and Bars. If the visitor has to go to the apartment, the additional person will be charged and will be charged to the guest's account. FORMS OF PAYMENT  The bank deposit is necessary to send the attached voucher with reservation number by fax or email.  Direct at the hotel at the time of entry.  Billed for 15 days after check out. ATTENTION: The billing will be with approval of the registration and Analysis of Credit (in up to 02 useful days). Obligatory, for stays of more than 6 days, every 7 days or before and / or every 300,00 reais in consumption, the host will be requested by the reception to make partial reimbursement of his extra expenses, as well as those invoiced (only for credit approved).  We do not accept payment by check.
 For the extra person, there is a fee to be paid, see on booking.  We do not charge SERVICE RATE FOR AGENCY COMMITTEES  Commissioned at 10% of the daily value paid, except for NET rates.  If payment at the Reception, the commission will be by submitting service invoice in the amount of the commission.  If the payment is billed, the commission will already be written down in the bill of payment. Note: If you have something necessary to add to your lodging, please let us know soon.

You'll be charged 1 night(s) of the total stay. If you cancel after 12:00 AM local time, less than 1 day(s) before arrival.

Credit card required at time of booking.


Breakfast included
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  • Included breakfast, parking, Wi-Fi internet and full leisure area
You'll be charged 1 night(s) of the total stay. If you cancel after 06:00 PM local time, less than 2 day(s) before arrival.
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